Barbara Patton Unger


About The Author


    Barbara Patton Unger is a spiritual facilitator, teacher and writer.  The underlying message of all of her books is that to live from grace is to live in love. Through this knowledge of God’s goodness we are rescued, rooted and impelled to consciously co-create our best lives. Unger holds a B.A. in theology, and has been a marketing professional with national and international firms. She lives with her husband Charlie in the Los Angeles area.

   The theme of Barbara’s next book is Love is stronger than death.  Currently a work in progress, she is exploring ideas, truths, and experiences related to Life Before Life, Life After Death, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), and Heaven as Our Home.


    A Personal Note From Barbara


     I know that co-creating one’s best life is more of a marathon than a sprint.  However, I view my books as celebrations of the Grace that has supported me up to now, and the many loving souls who have helped me on my path.  You know you are, and I thank you.


    May each of you travel on divinely lighted, angel-arched pathways!


(C) 2016 - Barbara Patton Unger