Salvation Rocks: Rescued, Rooted,

and Co-Creating Your Wonderful Life

by Barbara Patton Unger


The concept of Salvation as revealed in the scriptures is one of joy and greatness. Each of us can be made whole and this wholeness brings us an enhanced capacity for a wonderful life. Salvation Rocks: Rescued, Rooted and Co-Creating Your Wonderful Life describes what it takes to bring this wholeness into our experience and create rich, fulfilling and exciting lives.


Like a three-legged stool, this triune aspect of salvation—rescue, roots, and conscious co-creation—is foundational to building a satisfying life and to feeling like you’re doing what you were born to do.


The message of Salvation Rocks will help you bridge the gap from just being rescued, or “saved,” and becoming a good person, to living in wholeness and co-creating your best life.



(C) 2016 - Barbara Patton Unger